Executive Director’s Message

Dear Industry Colleagues,

Welcome to the International HR Institute (IHRI). A brand name synonymous with building the HR brand and culture.

There is more to HR than meets the eye. People have construed HR as an administrative function limited to hiring and firing employees only, but it isn’t. The industry has evolved from the era of being merely one of personnel management to one of human capital management. It is also important to redefine the HR function as a strategic partnership with other key players within a business, and one that helps to maximize the return on investment from the organization’s human capital and minimize financial risk.

IHRI has been instrumental in building the HR brand worldwide. We started as a group of like-minded HR professionals who meet up periodically to discuss labor and industrial relations issues ultimately leading to the establishment of IHRI to serve as a fundamental avenue for professional development and lifelong learning. Now, IHRI represents a strong network of thousands of HR leaders and professionals representing the interests of millions of employees globally.

The IHRI brand has become synonymous with advancing and professionalizing the HR profession, standards, and practices. As an independent, not-for-profit professional HR body, IHRI has been advocating the development of appropriate standards of human resource management and development that reflect the global conditions and interests of the workforce.

IHRI creates a comprehensive suite of events, conferences, seminars, dialogues, and learning sessions that serve as springboards for corporations and individuals to find their breakthroughs and transformations from discussions, exchanges, learning, and networking. Our certification and academic programs and workshops are also customized to cater to the dynamic learning needs of the current workforce. IHRI aims to reach out to the different strata of the workforce from the professionals, managers, and executives to the mature and retrenched workers, and those who are into career transitions. IHRI seeks to provide everyone with the resources and avenues for enhancing competency and competitive levels to maintain employability.

As the pioneer of promulgating transformations of the HR brand, IHRI is now in the phase of powering human capital to catapult organizations and individuals into developing and grooming people in the new economy.

In your continuous quest for experiential learning and knowledge, we hope you will fully tap on and benefit from the opportunities and resources made available to you at IHRI.

We wish you every success and enjoyment in your journey of knowledge acquisition.


Mikel Leroi Balansag, CPME, CLDP, CRSP, CCBP
Executive Director, International HR Institute