Mission and Vision


IHRI is a leading professional organization for professional development and lifelong learning for the HR management profession.

Our Vision

IHRI to be an international center of excellence in shaping the future of the HR management profession.

Our Mission

  • To provide research, advocacy, and representation to promote the standing of the people management profession and engender HR management best practices within workplaces;
  • To help HR practitioners with the finest opportunities for completing their academic education through distance learning, on-campus, or a combination of both;
  • To advance excellence in HR management through collaboration with and support of industry-leading institutions and validating of academic programs; and
  • To enable our HR community to excel in their profession through the provision of valued benefits and services that contribute to their professional effectiveness and careers.

IHRI Strategic Imperatives

  • Represent and lead the HR management profession to improve standards, practices, and impact
  • Be the career development partner for HR professionals
  • Become the HR center of excellence that organizations use to build their HR capability
  • Provide relevant and accessible professional development and networking opportunities
  • Provide services, tools, and resources that contribute to professional effectiveness

Our Values

  • Leading by example
  • Putting people first
  • Service with a collective purpose

Our Commitment to Powering Human Capital

The HR profession has evolved over the years and to bring it to the next level playing field, we must go the way of “Human Competitiveness Management”. We should think far, beyond the management of HR functions in corporations, and focus on the WHYs, WHATs, and HOWs people’s contributions can be created and sustained to enhance corporate growth and the progress of society.