Brand Affiliate Program

IHRI is the leading destination for advanced professional learning online. Become a Brand Affiliate today and earn passive income by promoting programs that create new possibilities for learners everywhere.

How does it work?
Sign up to be a Brand Affiliate and get a unique coupon code that you can promote to colleagues, friends, or your professional network. They get a P500 discount simply by using your coupon code, and you earn percentage commissions based on the total invoice amount.

How much can I make?
We offer competitive commission rates. The more you promote, the more you earn.

What can I promote?
No need to hassle! Your coupon code is available for all programs, provided that the total invoice amount is P5,000 or more.

When do I get my commissions?
Your commissions will start reflecting 14 days after the transaction is marked completed and can start processing payouts when the total commissions reach at least P 3,000.

How do I monitor my commissions?
You’ll have your own dashboard where you can check on your commissions, see your top sources, ask for payouts, and do a lot more. You will also receive monthly email digests on your progress and the commissions available to you.

How do I reach out for support or other questions?
We have assigned a dedicated support platform for Brand Affiliates where you can seek assistance anytime. Alternatively, we can be reached via email at

How long does it take to get started?
Sign up today, and we’ll review your application within 3 to 4 business days.