Global Digital Transformation Summit 2021

Global Digital Transformation Summit 2021


25 June 21 - 5 July 21    
10:30 pm - 11:30 pm


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Global Digital Transformation Summit 2021

What is Digital Transformation?

“Digital transformation can refer to anything from IT modernization (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimization, to the invention of new digital business models.” In general, it refers to the use of digital technology to materially evolve or create new business processes.

Key Practical Learning Points:


  1. How Agile Helps Drive Digital Transformation Forward
  2. Scrum – an Agile Approach to Digital Transformation


  1. The Role of DevOps in Achieving Digital Transformation
  2. Demystifying DevOps — A Peek Behind the Digital Transformation Curtain


  1. What is security’s role in digital transformation?
  2. Cyber risk and security in the era of digital transformation


  1. The Role of Cloud in Digital Transformation
  2. How CIOs and CTOs can accelerate digital transformations through cloud platforms

AL, ML, and Data-Science:

  1. The Role of AI and ML in Digital Transformation
  2. Digitally Transform your Agile Metrics with AI and NLP
  3. Driving Digital Transformation with Data Science: What, How, and Why?

Why Digital Transformation-Summit?

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Way of doing and daily operations got affected in many organizations. To recover from that condition, new technologies were implemented and digital transformation helped to pick up the lost speed in a huge way. In our Global Digital Transformation Summit 2021, our speakers from across the world are going to talk about their transformation strategies and how is it going to be a new normal even in the post-COVID scenario.

Join us for a unique full-day conference focusing on how you can create a learning organization using modern technology.

The L& D summit will feature keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions, and case studies with a focus on Learning and Development.

Attendees of this event will gain how the learning leaders will implement strategies to help and transform their organizations and employ innovative approaches and technologies to transform learning for maximum impact. You will get the opportunity to increase your network and get insights from across the industries.

Some more reasons for you to attend this summit are:

  •   Knowledge sharing from industry experts.
  •   Get a Free GSDC Membership worth $109.
  •   Free of cost registration
  •   Q & A sessions with industry experts.
  •   Real Life case study discussions.
  •   Networking with peers across the globe.
  •   Interesting and engaging topics to discuss.

More Reason To Attend

Meet the experts

Digital Transformation Summit gives you an opportunity to get your questions answered by experts and panelist

Join from your home’s comfort

You can attend this summit from anywhere in the world since it going to be a virtual summit

Certificate of Participation from GSDC

You will get a Certificate of participation after the completion of the summit so you can be a part of our community.

The idea of technical implementation

You will get an idea about technical implementation in your Digital Transformation strategies